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Business of the Week: Kristen's Kreations

At the age of 23, Kristen has done paintings for wedding events, graduations, birthdays, and more. She recalls that when she was 4, her dad who inspired her to start painting, painted a barrel of apples. The painting was so highly detailed and the painting spoke to her. His interest in the arts and dance led her to pursue the same passions. In the beginning, Kristen indulged in painting at an early age and as a result people started to notice how talented she was for her age. She remembers her first commissioned piece, which was acquisitioned by her mom’s job for their Christmas party. After that, she realized that people would pay for her paintings and she could turn an interest she shared with her father into a business.

If you scroll down Kristen’s Instagram you will see quite a few pictures from her sorority but, you will also see a lot of pictures of her paintings. She has done paintings on canvases, graduation caps, sweatshirts, and even a poker table (which she says is her favorite piece so far). When you see her paintings you will be nothing short of impressed by how much details she puts in her work. This is a big reason why a lot of students want to commission paintings from her. Don’t be surprised if you have come across one of her paintings before. Kristen’s paintings are priced by packages based off the size of the artwork you would like to purchase. She also features packages where you could purchase a bundle of works for a discounted rate. Kristen is so incredibly skilled that you are limited only by your imagination.


She carried her passion for art all the way to college, where she enrolled at Mississippi State University majoring in Psychology. She also followed in her dad’s footsteps of dance and became the stroll master for her sorority (This person creates the steps, strolls and dances for a fraternity or sorority). While she was in college she worked several menial jobs. She came to realize that she really didn’t want to work for someone else or be on someone else’s time. Subsequently, she quit her job and began working on her business full time outside of school. Along the way she has learned that being organized is a big part of running a business.

Along with learning about organization, Kristen has grown during her journey of being a student entrepreneur. Being a student really took a lot of time Kristen felt could be better spent creating art. The tax of school was exacerbated by a group of jobs she worked to provide for herself. She quickly realized that she could manage her time better and would benefit a great deal from some form of organization. Following this epiphany she was able to better manage her activities. This organization of her life led her to begin organizing her business. She learned that keeping track of the amount of supplies each painting consumed would be beneficial to her process. She began improving every aspect from pricing to higher grade supplies to optimizing her operation as a whole. She is currently being more attentive to the social seasons that can be beneficial to her business such as graduation and other ceremonies that usually occur at a specific time annually. This way she can capitalize on advertising and focus on the areas of her business that are generating the greatest revenue.


Her goal for her business is to somehow combine her major and her passion together to do some form of art therapy. She is unsure how she is going to do it but she is determined to get it done. She loves to learn new things which is a reason she chose psychology as her major. Currently, Kristen’s goal for her brand is to help people celebrate special moments such as weddings and birthdays to make them even more special. Kristen personifies her brand as caring and compassionate.

Kristen’s advice to other entrepreneurs is to get organized as soon as possible. She believes that a proper organizational structure is paramount to a successful business.

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