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Lizzy's Custom Designs

The fashion industry is not for the undisciplined or slow moving. Customers change their preferences as fast as they can scroll through their social media feeds. Everyday business owner Dasia Creswell is finding new ways to be creative and bring other visions to life through clothing. All of which makes the story of Lizzy’s Custom Designs clothing business based in Starkville, MS especially noteworthy.

The business was originally founded just two years ago by 21-year-old Dasia Creswell, a Senior Fashion Design major at Mississippi State University. The company is not only shirts, but custom designs for all clothing, including pants, boots, jackets, etc. She personally designs people’s shirt as well as sell t-shirts with positive messages empowering everyone. The shirts say things such as “Girl Power”, “Make your dreams happen”, “Faith it until you make it”, and more.

Unlike most clothing company founders; Dasia had no experience in entrepreneurship. What she did have was a systematic approach, thanks to her mom and sister’s help making t-shirts. Dasia plans to utilize resources such as the Entrepreneurship program at Mississippi State University to learn more strategic ways to grow her business and brand. Growing her business and brand includes her finding and hiring people onto her team to help her stay consistent with the data side of the company.

The initial big idea of Lizzy’s Custom Designs stemmed from Dasia’s family members and friends wanting her to cut their shirts for a football game or add her own touch to a pair of pants or shoes they had. That worked for a while, and quickly realized her passion to make her own business after making her first wig. After realizing she could make wigs and clothing for people at an affordable price, she started to pursue creating her own brand.

Dasia says that her goal is to eventually start making and designing clothing for celebrities and has already started on this journey. Within the next five years she sees her business growing tremendously so others can express themselves through her clothing. Her top goal is to move her business to Los Angeles, California and branch out from there.

As a business owner she wants people to know she makes everything affordable and takes pride from taking old items of clothing and making them into something new, making the simplest things unique. Fashion is life for Dasia and believes with hard work and dedication everything will get better with time. Her advice to others who may want to start their own business is “You can do anything you put your mind to, the sky's the limit.”

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