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Jevon Wilson Jr.

Jevon Wilson Jr. is an Author and creator of two books “Brown Money” and “Royal Council”

that are sold through and his website. Along with the books he wrote, he also

created two games that can be purchased with the books called “Brown Money Cards” and “Nah

Bruh.” Jevon attended Mississippi State University where he majored in computer engineering,

but later switched his major to electrical engineering. He is originally from Jackson, Ms, where

he grew up most of his life growing and watching his family members succeed as entrepreneurs.

Jevon got started by watching his father who is also an entrepreneur and set an example for what he strives to be one day. He always knew he was going to branch off, because he was motivated

by seeing family members run their own business. Jevon just so happen to choose books. Jevon

plans to make Brown Money books into a series of six books, including new volumes of the

games. Everything is run by him and his younger brothers who operate as his marketing


“If it comes to my mind i'm going to do it or try it. I want to be known as a creator. First, find out what you don’t know, and find out what you want to do so you can take it a step at a time to

make sure you do know those things.”

Jevon obtained his work ethic and knowledge from the previous jobs he worked, which helped him learn how to manage a process in sales. One of his jobs he began to pick older guys brains

on how they started their process in entrepreneurship as a multimillionaire. He began to follow in their footsteps while putting his own creative touch on it and practiced learning the different

sides of business. He took this knowledge and paired it with his want to always write children books.

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