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Business of the Week: Rocketing Systems, LLC

Calvin Waddy is an App creator and CEO of Rocketing Systems, LLC. He partners with Shelby Baldwin, CMO, and Brandon Jones COO to grow their personal and professional business one step at a time. After spending two years working as an entrepreneur Calvin quickly learned what ideals truly drive conversations and what people are willing to buy in the technology industry.

Waddy created an app named The Grid that after a few failed attempts, began to assist store owners with automating ambassador programs and influencer marketing programs. They won second place at an Innovate Mississippi competition in Jackson, MS. Days later there was a two day three competition event at Auburn University where they represented Mississippi State University and won first place in all three categories. It was the very first time Mississippi State won the competition.

Waddy has an entrepreneurial mindset that was not discovered until he attended college at Mississippi State. He is originally from Atlanta, GA and relocated to Mississippi a few years ago. Once he reached college he began to take his mindset away from sports and focused it on becoming a developing business owner. He started this journey after finding out about the Entrepreneurship Center on campus. Before creating his own company, Waddy knew he liked creating and building new things around the house as a child. At the age of 22, Waddy began to figure out how to build an app, and what were the necessary steps in targeting the consumers who purchased the apps. Waddy began with a couple of different start-ups that ended up being dead-ends until he found his current business. He and his business partner Shelby Baldwin was sitting on her living room couch when the idea appeared in their head, after observing Instagram watching different people. They were also looking for different ways to make some cash, so they decided to create an e-commerce store, by each pitching in twenty-five dollars. After creating it, within under a year they brought in almost a half-million dollars.


There were a lot of processes that were difficult to start, so they hired over 9,000 ambassadors around the world to help keep their business flowing. Once they added on their ambassador group, Waddy and the team had to keep up with everybody’s profits, sale codes, and discount codes. Their app will be officially published by January, and they are excited to see what is to come from their new customer base.

“Get started, just do it and jump in, is how I think about it and that’s how I got started. I wanted a monetary change in my life. If you do it for money it will never come, but if you have a problem you're trying to solve or something you think your business can help do, then do it. If you are at Mississippi State, then use your resources like the Entrepreneurship Center. You got to move fast and be ready” Stated Waddy.

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